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Varnika designs holistic approaches, innovative solutions customised to the arts, culture and heritage sectors, with special emphasis on Museums and Exhibitions.


We address the entire process required for establishing new spaces or refurbishment of existing ones and transforming them into contemporary, interactive spaces. We work with the various stakeholders for a project and specialise in the following details:          

- Conception: help envisage the Mission Statement and conceive the Museum or Exhibition

- Planning: create long term Vision Plans for functioning and maintenance

- Designing: Spaces, Lights, Exhibitions, Galleries, Workshops

- Curating: Narrative strategies for curated spaces

- Capacity Building: identify scope of work, human resources and training them

- Research Coordination and Content Management: devise a strategy for research, and coordinate the entire audio-visual-textual research teams

- Collection Management Systems and Documentation: create a system customised to the Collection and document
- Interpretation Plan:  creative plans for highly interactive Interpretation of the Collection are made. It uses the several Interpretation Dissemination Media
- Management and Execution of the Interpretation Plans:
strategies for the best use of existing budget and technology for execution of the Plans are made

- Create Inclusive Spaces: plan means for creating Inclusive Spaces for the Disabled and those with Special Needs and Difficulties

- Planning, Implementing and Executing Education Programmes for a range of target audience: depending on the needs of the target audience and local communities programmes ranging from seminars, workshops, music, dance and theatre performances can be arranged

- Developing and Planning Heritage Management strategies

- Developing and Planning Identity, Branding and Marketing Strategies

- Formulating Wayfinding Strategies


Project Management: includes implementation of the multiple Plans, Strategies and Policies and coordinating with the stakeholders and local communities


Evaluation: documentation of the project and the several process in it for effective maintenance and management. On the basis of visitor and staff feedback and evaluation, flaws and problems are removed and the future of the project is strengthened 


Identification of target audience and local communities, involving these audiences and communities, understanding their requirements and needs are the ultimate priority, it is only after this work that the conception and planning of any project is started.


Contact us at: varnikaz@yahoo.co.in

Follow us on: varnikadesigns.wordpress.com


VarnikaDesigns also offers consultancy and expertise in art purchase and valuation.

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